Monday, August 17, 2009

Magazine collects over 33,000 pairs of denim for a cause

National Geographic Kids magazine officially set a Guinness World record this month for the most items of clothing every collected for recycling. The magazine, which spent over four months connecting with other organizations to collect over 33,088 denim items in total, will display the collection in Washington’s Union Station through August 27th. All of the denim collected will be donated to Cotton Inc.’s Cotton from the Blue to Green denim drive, a program which recycles denim material to develop interior home insulation for U.S. homes damaged by natural disasters. The magazine has announced that all of the denim collected will be able to provide insulating material for over sixty homes throughout the country. As if we needed another reason to love denim.

SOURCES: Baltimore Sun and AdAge.
– Saara Lankarani